Conservative Champions
of the Week: Conservative Power Couple—Chris and Becky Arps

As the son of a small business owner, Chris Arps spent the summers of his formative years working for his dad’s beauty supply store.

From this job he developed an insatiable work ethic and learned the hard-earned value of a paycheck.

Around this time, the 1984 Presidential campaigns were well underway. It was this election where Chris’ interest in politics emerged.

Chris believed that the Carter administration had failed America. To him, their handling of the American hostage crisis in Iran was unacceptable. He believed that America deserved stronger leadership and that Ronald Reagan was the answer.

His vote reflected that notion.

Chris went on to work for UPS. When he became a supervisor, he started to dive into the details of his earnings. He soon discovered why his paychecks weren’t commensurate with what he thought he should be bringing home: an inordinate amount of TAXES were being taken by the government.

This realization was off-putting to him, but it did provide him an eye-opening experience that would contribute to his growing interest in politics.

However, it wasn't until his driver's license was revoked that he realized he was a Conservative.

While he waited for this issue to be resolved, he would use the St. Louis public transit system to commute to and from work.

On these rides, he would read books on a wide range of political topics. He read the arguments of both Conservatives and Liberals on a specific issue, allowing each side a chance to make their case.

As someone who comes from a family of self-made individuals, he understood how important it was to allow individuals to make decisions for themselves. And to him, only one of these ways of thinking embodied the spirit of self-determination.

Liberalism didn’t stand a chance. Chris Arps had decided he was a Conservative and realized that he had always been one.

From that point, political doors would open for him over the next couple of years.

In one of those opportunities, he worked at the election board in a temporary summer job. He was then offered this position permanently when a Republican staff member of the election board quit for another job.

Chris took this as a sign of fate that politics was a calling meant for him.

He then took a job for Senator Jim Talent as a field representative. In this capacity, he was responsible for speaking on the Senator’s behalf at various stakeholder groups in the St. Louis area. It was at one of these engagements where his life changed.

At a St. Louis Young Republicans meeting, he would meet his soon-to-be wife and grassroots influencer.

Becky Arps had her own unique path to that same meeting.

Becky grew up in a strong, Conservative household.

To her, Conservatism was the best path forward for our country. That belief would never change.

After high school, Becky attended Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania. Understanding that higher education has a Liberal bias, her parents sent her to school a National Review subscription and a Hillsdale College’s Imprimis newsletter.

After college, she moved around and eventually landed in the St Louis area. As a new resident, she heeded the advice of her mom- who suggested that the best way for her to meet people was to join a group that shared similar values and interests.

The Young Republicans fit the bill.

It just so happened that at one of these meetings she would meet her soon-to-be husband and Conservative influencer.

Those chapter meetings began the journey of one of Missouri’s most prominent Conservative power couples. Since Chris and Becky have joined forces, they’ve continued their work in advancing the Conservative cause.

Becky became a key activist in the area. She would go on to help local elected officials and candidates with canvassing, grassroots outreach, and fundraising.

Her network grew and more opportunities came her way.

She would go on to serve as Missouri’s Statewide Volunteer Coordinator for Rick Santorum’s 2012 presidential campaign and serve as a delegate for the 2012 Republican National Convention. And currently, she is an active member of both the Missouri Republican State Committee and the St. Louis County Central Committee.

Her counterpart has also attained much success since they’ve met. Chris has gone on to write for Project 21 and Red State, start a podcast, and make television appearances on various networks. He’s created a consulting firm called Red Tail Strategies that Becky has since left Corporate IT work to run with him. Later this month he will be joining a new conservative talk-radio station 101.9 NewsTalkSTL where he will be co-hosting the afternoon drive show with former Missouri Speaker of the House Tim Jones.

How do each of them credit their success? By being in the right place at the right time.

Luckily for us, they aren’t finished yet as they are actively combating the radical Left on a multitude of issues.

Together they work on Americans For Citizen Voting -an initiative that strives to ensure that ONLY American Citizens can vote in state and local elections.

In conjunction with election integrity, Chris and Becky emphasize that everyone needs to pay attention to the content that’s being taught in the classroom. They are both equally concerned about the critical race theory (CRT) proposals being pushed in school districts across the country.

Chris fully understands that CRT is a Trojan horse being used to push Marxist philosophy. He has been active in taking measures to address the dangers of CRT and has held multiple events exposing it for what it is.

Becky believes that the Left is trying to change the country by changing the curriculum and attitudes of our nation’s younger generations. Chris agrees and notes that school board elections may have never been more important in our country’s history than they are today.

Both know that more can be done to advance the Conservative cause. A good place to start would be to go to the communities where there is not a strong Conservative presence.

They suggest that beyond creating more opportunities for people to join the cause, Conservative groups must be more sensitive about the scheduling of those opportunities. For example, if a group is trying to attract more youth to join a club, the club should not be scheduling any activities while they are in school.

It would be smart to follow their advice as both have done a great deal for our state. Their efforts have made a substantial difference in Missouri and we know that that will continue.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a couple that’s done more for the Conservative cause than they have, which is why we are proud to announce each of them as Conservative Champions!

We learned about Chris and Becky’s Arps’ accomplishments through the grassroots community. We know that there are others out there like them, but we can’t find them by ourselves. We need YOUR help.Know someone like the Arps who are fighting for a better Missouri? We want to know about them. We want to share their story. Click HERE to nominate a CONSERVATIVE CHAMPION today!

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